When a flame comes of age they must leave their home in order to seek out their coal. The coal becomes a life source for a flame and without it their spark will go out. 

Become a flame surrounded by a forest of mystery and search for your coal. Will you find it before your spark goes out? Or perhaps you'll find something else in the forest.

Game By: Kelsey Maher
Programming: Ryan Beldin
Additional Animation: Ching Thao
Music: Rachel Bostic
Sound Design: Marcie LaCerte
Narrative Edits: Ann Garrison


Neo Noboru

-In search of opportunity, you have decided to ascend from the lightless Underground into open air. 
Neo Noboru is a 2D infinite platformer created for the 2017 Global Game Jam.

A collaboration with: Ryan Beldin, Krista McCullough, Bree Lindsoe and Marcie LaCerte

Tasks included: Development, narrative, concept art, asset illustration, and coloring.



Insight is a first-person puzzle platformer where you explore the global myth of the theft of fire. Discover a world absent of color you must fill. Along the way you will follow various cultural heroes from around the world and learn about their shared story and diverse cultures.

A collaboration with: Ajuawak Kapashesit, Alex Chang, Angela Duich, and JJ Christine Otto

Tasks included: Gameplay development, narrative development, concept art, illustration, color design, modeling, and animation.